The article presents small-scale qualitative research that reveals the views of teacher education (TE) experts from different geographical regions of Europe on teacher education admission criteria (TEA) today and in the future world. This exploration would open the international debate on the future need to reinvent the TE, TEA, and rethink the qualities of the TE candidates in a sustainable TE framework for the wide diversity of European countries. Data were collected from ten experts using a qualitative questionnaire with eight open questions, including one multiple choice question. Inductive and deductive qualitative content analysis was performed on the qualitative data collected. This study gives voice to professionals in TE and TEA, allowing them to express concerns, perspectives, and visions of current and future TE and TEA. In light of the cultural, social, political, and educational context in several European countries, the findings illustrate the scope of similar and unique discourses that are considered crucial in educational politics and decision making on the national, regional and pan-European scale.

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