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formerly: GfK Marketing Intelligence Review
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The NIM Marketing Intelligence Review (NIM MIR) is a leading global journal for marketing decision makers. It offers marketing knowledge from well-known academic think tanks all over the world, and focuses on all aspects of marketing intelligence, e.g. new strategies based on academic and empirical market analyses, new models and methods enabling more effective marketing decision making, and state-of-the-art articles on current fields of marketing research. Readers will be informed about important developments in marketing theory, marketing methodology and marketing strategies.

Volumes 1 to 10 were published under the name GfK Marketing Intelligence Review (GFK MIR). The first issue was published in June 2009.

The NIM MIR delivers relevant insights from academic research, using practical and accessible rather than academic language, supported by professional journalists who "translate" academic papers. We publish papers that contribute new and often fascinating knowledge, for instance about customer behavior, brand or pricing strategies, data analysis or decision making techniques. All papers are intensively reviewed from an academic as well as a practical perspective. Our mission is to present high-quality articles by top authors whose work has appeared in leading academic marketing journals, thereby allowing readers to follow the progress of marketing science.

The NIM MIR is aiming to achieve a high level of acceptance and an excellent reputation among upscale target groups within marketing management, and among marketing instructors looking for interesting applications of the latest marketing concepts and methods. Readers of the NIM MIR have their fingers right on the pulse of marketing science

The NIM Marketing Intelligence Review is published by the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (Nürnberg Institut für Marktentscheidungen e.V., formerly the GfK Verein e.V.), which has long-held academic ties with the University of Nuremberg, Germany.
The NIM has repositioned itself as an interdisciplinary, non-commercial institute for researching market decision. The NIM remains majority shareholder of the Nuremberg based market research company GfK.

The MIR is managed by a team of managers and marketing scholars from universities all over the world (See editorial board).
Each issue has a special topic and is edited by a leading researcher in the respective field. It is published biannually in May and October of each year.


Sciendo archives the contents of this journal in Portico - digital long-term preservation service of scholarly books, journals and collections.

Plagiarism Policy

The editorial board is participating in a growing community of Similarity Check System's users in order to ensure that the content published is original and trustworthy. Similarity Check is a medium that allows for comprehensive manuscripts screening, aimed to eliminate plagiarism and provide a high standard and quality peer-review process.