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Operational Diagnostics Synthesis of the Naval Gas Turbines Operated by the Polish Navy

   | 31 mar 2017


The article presents overall energy research conducted by the Polish Naval Academy for the purpose of operational diagnostics of the naval gas turbines operated by the Polish Navy. In this article are presented the purpose and methodology of research, identification of the object of research and test equipment used for research. The research results will be presented in another article Analysis operational parameters of the naval gas turbines. As far as the Polish Navy vessels are concerned, there were four types of the naval gas turbines operated in the years 1983-2003: DE 59, DR 76, DR 77 and LM 2500. Currently, since 2013, there are four LM 2500 engines in service, which drive ‘Oliver Hazard Perry’ type missile frigates. In the near term, an another LM 2500 engine along with a 661M type patrol boat will become operational. Within the framework of energy research, the engine starting process, running on idle and in the whole range of variation of load as well as the process of stopping the engines will be placed under systematic operational surveillance.