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Risk Assessment Model Based on Fuzzy Logic for Residential Buildings


Risk is involved in every construction project. Residential building construction projects comprise a variety of risks and are more likely to be affected due to their difficulty and many operations and threats. The study aims to identify the various risk elements and their effect on construction projects of residential buildings using a fuzzy approach with the help of MATLAB software. This study includes 60 risk factors recognised through an expert opinion and literature review. These factors are categorised into 7 major groups, i.e., construction, project manager, architect/consultant, contractor, owner, resources, and external environment-specific risk factors. A questionnaire was prepared and sent using emails based on the identified risk factors to be filled out by construction industry professionals in India and by conducting in-person interviews. Based on the risk severities obtained from the fuzzy model, the top 10 risk factors have been considered. As a result, for identified top severe risk factors, a significant risk response strategy was implemented.

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