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Detection of Changes in the Hydrological Balance in Seven River Basins Along the Western Carpathians in Slovakia


Due to a changing climate, likely changes to a hydrological regime are one of the primary sources of uncertainty to consider in managing water resources. In Slovakia, a decline in the country’s water resources, combined with a change in the seasonality of runoff and an increase in the extremeness of floods and droughts, represents a potential threat. The objective of the paper was to explore trends in the components of the long-term hydrological balance of various river basins to detect the impacts of changing climate conditions along the Western Carpathians. The proposed method is a comparative exploratory analysis of the hydrological balance of the selected river basins. Temporal changes in the catchments’ average air temperatures, precipitation, runoff, and their differences (considered as an index of the actual evapotranspiration), were estimated for 49 years of data; two non-overlapping sub-periods (25 and 24 years) in the seven river basins were also compared. This work also aims at evaluating the applicability of gridded inputs from the CarpatClim database for modelling the hydrological balance over an extended period. The results document the impact of the rising air temperature and, in part, local physiographic factors on the changes in runoff and actual catchment evapotranspiration.

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