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Fluka simulation of PGNAA system for determining heavy metal pollution in the soil sample


This study presented a self-designed prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) model and used Fluka simulation to simulate the heavy metals (Mn, Cu, Hg, Ni, Cr, Pb) in soil samples. The relationship between the prompt γ -ray yield of each heavy metal and soil thickness, content of heavy metals in the soil, and source distance was obtained. Simulation results show that the prompt γ -ray yield of each heavy metal increases with the increase in soil thickness and reaches saturation at 18 cm. The greater the proportion of heavy metals in the soil, the greater the prompt γ -ray yield. The highest content is approximately 3%, and the change in distance between the neutron source and soil sample does not affect the prompt γ -ray yield of heavy metals.

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Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, other