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Research on Stability of Time-delay Force Feedback Teleoperation System Based on Scattering Matrix


The successful implementation of the robot teleoperation system has greatly improved the ability of remote robots. The force feedback technology is applied to the teleoperation system. On the one hand, the main operator manipulates the operator’s related movement information to the target robot; on the other hand, the main hand feeds back the force situation of the target robot in the remote control to the operator. From the robot under the control of the system can more accurately complete the task, with a higher work efficiency. Teleoperation system with force feedback function generally adopts bilateral control, the master and slave end of the system have a certain delay in the transmission process, it makes the stability of the system destroyed. This paper uses a two-port network to simulate the communications link of the teleoperation system as a lossless transmission line, solves the stability problem of teleoperation systems with force feedback in the presence of time delay effectively. Experimental simulation results show that this method can guarantee a higher stability of the system..

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