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An intuitive approach to learning delivery in Higher Education

   | 22 dic 2016


Preparing and teaching subjects in the Higher Education environment has been attracting much attention over the past decade as the sector diversifies and adds online instruction to its on campus delivery to cater to the increased demand for flexibility and choice from students. University lecturers are now required to assume greater responsibility to develop the subject content and teaching structure for their subjects and it is the latter where lecturers don’t necessarily have formal qualifications or experience. This paper describes the implementation of the Confluence of Learning framework at one university together with a style guide and a mobile app. The subsequent trial with 20 participants illustrated that a framework developed in the lecturers own context can generate a change in practice. The lecturers’ comments were thematically analysed and demonstrated that an unambiguous but well structured framework will motivate and empower lecturers with their subject design resulting in a positive impact on students studying their subjects.

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Volume Open
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Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ontology, Epistemology, Social Sciences, Education, Education Systems