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17 Jan 2013
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Epigenetics is Promising Direction in Modern Science

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Volumen & Heft: Volumen 26 (2021) - Heft 1-2 (December 2021)
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17 Jan 2013
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Epigenetics studies the inherited changes in a phenotype or in expression of genes caused by other mechanisms, without changing the nucleotide sequence of DNA. The most distinguished epigenetic tools are: modifications of histones, enzymatic DNA methylation, and gene silencing mediated by small RNAs (miRNA, siRNA). The resulting m5C residues in DNA substantially affect the cooperation of proteins with DNA. It is organized by hormones and aging-related alterations, one of the mechanisms controlling sex and cellular differentiation. DNA methylation regulates all genetic functions: repair, recombination, DNA replication, as well as transcription. Distortions in DNA methylation and other epigenetic signals lead to diabetes, premature aging, mental dysfunctions, and cancer.

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