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Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Peel Flour as Functional Ingredient for Chorizo: Effect Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Functional Meat Products


Functional meat products are necessary to improve the health of consumers without detrimental effects on high biological value protein consumption. The incorporation of natural antioxidants and dietary fibre from agro-industrial coproducts is a good alternative to improve the nutritional characteristics of meat products. Pomegranate peel flour was employed as a functional ingredient to replace part of the fat, in a raw meat product like chorizo, determining changes in instrumental colour and texture, sensory acceptation, and neophobia. Pomegranate peel flour presented high content of polyphenols with considerable antioxidant activity, and high content of dietary fibre as well. Fibre retained moisture, decreasing water activity of the chorizos, decreasing pH during storage. Pomegranate peel flour increased the colour tone of the chorizos and decreased colour intensity, with a tough but easy to crumble texture. Sensory acceptation of chorizos with pomegranate peel flour was higher than control, although taste and texture were scored lower than the control sample. Results show that incorporation of pomegranate peel flour decreased Aw and pH, besides increased the samples luminosity and tone. Chorizo with pomegranate peel flour were harder than control. Nonetheless, as a functional ingredient improved health benefits with a positive consumers’ acceptance, non-neophobic, particularly in older consumers (40-50 years old). Pomegranate peel flour is a viable ingredient in the formulation of functional meat products.

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