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Biogeographical provinces, subprovinces and bioregions of the Czech Republic

   | 14 lut 2014

Presented biogeographical division of the Czech Republic was elaborated initially for purposes of national and supra-national Ecological Networks. This division has its own hierarchy, consisting of both individual and typological biogeographical units. Higher units (biogeographical province, subprovince, and bioregion) are of individual character. Within the territory of the Czech Republic, two biogeographical provinces, four biogeographical subprovinces and 91 biogeographical regions have been distinguished. Hierarchically lower biogeographical units (biochora, group of geobiocoene types) have typological character; their characteristics in English are intended to be published later. All of the biogeographical units - with the exception of the group of geobiocoene types - are elaborated in maps of scale 1:50 000.

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