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The effect of the conditions of a landscape on its retention capacity


Questions related to the occurrence, frequency, intensity, duration, characteristics and causes of floods have been discussed more in recent years. Two basic approaches to flood control often conflict. The first is based on the assumption of the considerable effect of a landscape's retention capacity, which can in fact prevent surface runoff generation and flood formation and can significantly transform flood wave. The second approach asserts that the retention capacity of a landscape is nearly negligible and that the only reliable flood protection can be provided by extending the technical structures of flood control measures mainly and directly on water courses. Two different approaches were applied to assess the effect of landscape conditions and revitalization measures on surface runoff and flood formation within a catchment and floodplain. The conclusion shows that the effect of landscape revitalization is very important, but mainly for low return periods of flood events, while for extreme events, the effect on landscapes and floodplains becomes less important and even negligible.

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