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Impact of Load Retention on Aircraft Engine Parts Under Real Flight Cycle Conditions in Service Life Monitoring


One of the major problems in the development of algorithms for monitoring the life of aircraft gas turbine engines is that the character of loading in real flight cycles is crucially different from the character of the static and dynamic loading during the testing of samples. This paper proposes a method for taking into account the effect of retentions at maximum stresses and cycle temperatures on the low-cycle fatigue (LCF) of the heat-resistant alloys used in engine parts. Regularities in repeated-static loading (RSL) are used in combination with the method of linear accumulation of damage due to the LCF and RSL, with retentions of a variable length. A non-linear equation is derived for the summation of these damages, the solution of which determines the durability (life) of the part while taking into account the retention duration. The theoretical results were verified by using the experimental characteristics of the GS-6K and EI-437B nickel-based alloys, previously reported by other researchers.

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