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Basics of Intercultural Communication with the Arabic Community


Intercultural communication is a mutual communicating of individuals or groups representing different cultures, which are used in a variety of ways to establish mutual relations. The aim of intercultural communication is to know the behavior, customs, ceremonies, and beliefs of the other cultures. Avoiding or a total lack of contacts with representatives of other cultures brings ignorance of the complexity of the social world and its wealth and can cause a culture shock, as well as the conflict of cultures. However, in order to properly carry out this kind of communication, it is necessary to know the basic building blocks for a particular social group, consisting of: history, oral tradition, language, beliefs and customs. It is also important noticing the differences between cultures. Intercultural dialogue naturally creates difficulties, since they meet in the representatives of different cultures. Acceptance of differences leads to developing proper coexistence societies, which is especially important in the current world.