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Fabrication of YSZ coatings on nickel-based alloys by anodic electrophoretic deposition


In the paper, YSZ coatings were prepared on nickel-based alloy substrates by anodic electrophoretic deposition. The YSZ suspension solution was obtained under stirring and ultrasonic treatment, in which the anhydrous ethanol and acetylacetone were used as the dispersion medium and ammonium polyacrylate was used as the dispersant of the suspension. The effects of different deposition voltage and deposition time on YSZ coating were investigated. Meantime, the microstructure of the coating surface was observed by metallographic microscope. It was found that the high-quality YSZ coating could be obtained by deposition at 60 V for 2–3 min. Finally, the effect of sintering temperature on coating quality was investigated by X-ray diffractometer and scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that the YSZ coating bonded closely with the substrate after sintering at 1200 oC, and the porosity of the YSZ coating increased after sintering

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Chemia przemysłowa, Biotechnologia, Inżynieria chemiczna, Inżynieria procesowa