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Comparative Research of Central and Eastern European Startup Researches Based on Artificial Intelligence-Based Natural Language Processing


Objective: In our study, we analyze Central and Eastern European (CEE) scientific papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals between 2015 and 2021. We examine what category systems and methods are used in Central and Eastern European start-up researches in the recent years.

Methodology: Our used methodology was structured literature review analysis and artificial intelligence-based natural language processing which is one of the most evolving methodological directions in economics and social sciences at present but it is very rarely used in review analysis of startup research.

Value Added: The NLP method has not been widely used for the analysis of the startup literature. Furthermore, our study is the first which analyzes CEE startups research with NLP technique.

Findings: Based on our results, it can be stated that CEE startup researches follow the big global startup research narratives. However, a specific conceptual network is also emerging which contains several shifts of emphasis compared to the directions of global research.

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Business and Economics, Business Management, Management, Organization, Corporate Governance, other