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Generational Differences In Work Values In The Workplace


Research background

Generational differences in work values, specifically in India, are now having an impact on organizational effectiveness and workplace environments. Even though a wide range of perspectives, experiences, and skill sets might be valuable to a business, generational mixing can also lead to conflict and a lack of agreement in the workplace. Such disagreements have a negative effect on the workplace since they reduce productivity and negatively damage employee morale. To solve the problems of inefficiency caused by the generation gap, different generations in the workplace must understand the differences between the three generations and be able to get along with each other.


Examining the differences between three generations in the workplace is the purpose of the study. The study also aims to examine how different generations have different work values.

Research methodology

To examine the current situation in IT companies of Delhi and NCR. A total of 450 employees completed a questionnaire. Baby Boomers were defined as those born between (1946–1964), Generation X was born between (1965-1980) and Generation Y was born between (1981–1996). The values of status and freedom at work were more important to the younger group than to the older group.


There were significant generational differences, with Baby Boomers having higher status values and extrinsic values in organizations than Generation X and Generation Y. Values have an important role in directing behaviour and improving work motivation. An organization’s work values and expectations must be clarified to workers, and values must be flexible enough to satisfy the demands of various employees.


Furthermore, Generation Y is the first generation that has grown up with the Internet; as a result, they consider working together virtually to be standard procedure.

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