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Glycerol Transfer in Cigarette Mainstream Smoke

   | 30 gru 2014


Experiments have been conducted to examine the effect of different levels of blend glycerol (0 to 11.4 wt% on cigarette mainstream smoke (MSS) yields. The glycerol transfer is generally found to be proportional to the blend glycerol level with the maximum glycerol contribution to the nicotine-free-dry-particulate-matter (NFDPM or ‘tar’) per cigarette at 36% for a 11.4% blend glycerol. For cigarettes with different designs the glycerol in NFDPM may also depend on the glycerol loading per unit rod length. The tobacco rod filtration did not change significantly within the glycerol range investigated and hence plays a relatively minor role. Significant glycerol condensation ahead of the burning coal after a puff was measured. This condensation may have implications on glycerol levels in the sidestream smoke during inter-puff smouldering.

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