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Natural tourist resources in the Stara planina tourist region (Bulgaria)


The Stara planina tourist region is one of the most attractive regions for tourism in Bulgaria and one of the few that have almost year-round tourist activities. The outline of the area includes the mountain of the same name, but also the Pre-Balkan. This fact predetermines the exceptional richness and diversity of natural tourist resources. Here are some of the largest broad-leaved forests in the country, waterfalls, bizarre rock formations, etc. The relatively well-preserved natural environment is a prerequisite for the presence of exceptional biodiversity, as well as a significant number of protected areas. The region is specialized mainly in mountain tourism, including recreation, mountain trekking, rural and ecotourism. Due to the scarce tourist infrastructure, ski tourism still lags behind in its development compared to other mountain regions in the country. Very often, the Stara planina Region is primarily identified with its cultural and historical heritage, while its natural features remain in the background. Regardless of this, and as a result of the more intense tourist load, the problem of protecting natural tourist resources from the growing anthropogenic pressure is gaining special relevance. There is also an urgent need to identify and evaluate the prospects for sustainable development of the tourism industry in the region.

The purpose of the present study is to valorize the natural tourist resources of the Stara planina tourist region and to provide guidelines for their sustainable use.

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