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Fungal Pathogen in Digital Age: Review on Current State and Trend of Comparative Genomics Studies of Pathogenic Fungi


Fungal pathogenicity to plants, animals, and humans leads to several detrimental effects in our society by causing diseases that impact livelihood and food security. While the recent pandemic shifted focus to viral pathogens, fungal pathogens are still impacting the world that we live in. It is important to study fungal pathogenicity with the latest scientific advancement. One way to do that is to understand the conservation of pathogenicity in the fungus kingdom which will further elucidate the underlying mechanisms behind fungal pathogenicity across all species of fungi. This review provides an outlook on the various bioinformatics and genomics approaches and currently available resources in understanding fungal pathogenicity. It also discusses the current state of affairs and emerging trends in the study of fungal pathogenicity. Finally, this review also provide suggestions different approaches for the study of fungal pathogenicity to see further improve our understanding in this field.

Angielski, Polski
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4 razy w roku
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Life Sciences, Microbiology and Virology