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(How) Can didactic research find its way into the classroom? Results from a questionnaire survey on the lesson preparation and continuing professional development of German teachers


The gap between research about education and teaching practice is well-known in most subjects/disciplines. A nationwide online questionnaire survey regarding which sources German-language teachers use for lesson preparation and what in-service training opportunities they perceive may shed light on how research findings can be incorporated into classroom practice.

These are some of the results from the 403 responses: In-service training courses are popular, but judged to be of little use. Social media offers are frequently used and assessed as helpful – despite the often poor quality, which teachers do not necessarily recognise. Therefore subject didactics should rethink certain traditions and explore new ways of reaching teachers. Because teachersʼ pracƟces of lesson preparaƟon tend to be idiosyncratic rather than determined by the subject matter, the findings from the survey are equally relevant and useful for all subjects and can contribute to a better alignment of subject science, subject didactics and teaching practice.

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Volume Open
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