Microbiological studies show that there is a possibility of PMI estimation in reference to presence of typical bacteria and fungi on cadaver or in soil beneath. Microbiome after death (thanatomicrobiome) changes and depends on time since death, temperature, seasons and environment-if human remains are covered, buried, placed in ice or left on the surface. To enlarge current knowledge, some of studies are conducted on animal models with further comparison thanatomicrobiome of different animals-pig, rats-to human cadaver thanatomicrobiome. This study collects different branches of thanatomicrobiome studies as a review to summarize current knowledge.

1. Introduction. 2. Living host microbiome and mycobiome. 3. Diseases-related differences. 4. Thanatomicrobiome – human cadavers studies. 5. Fungi presence – thanatomycobiome. 6. Thanatomicrobiome of frozen cadavers. 7. Soil microbial communities changes. 8. Seasons related microbial changes. 9. Thanatomicrobiome and entomology correlation. 10. Conclusions

Angielski, Polski
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4 razy w roku
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Nauki biologiczne, Mikrobiologia i wirusologia