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Analysis of Various ESDD of Contaminant Insulator Flashover Acoustic Signal by Wavelet Packet

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Cybernetics and Information Technologies
Special issue with selection of extended papers from 6th International Conference on Logistic, Informatics and Service Science LISS’2016


With the formation of China’s large power grid, the security of the network is particularly important. The contaminant flashover of insulators has a serious impact on the operation safety of a high voltage power network. In this paper, the acoustic signals’ characteristics of the contaminant insulators flashover are analyzed, and, as a result, the correlation between the acoustic signal and the contaminant insulator flashover is established. To experiment with contaminant insulator for three different Equivalent Salt Deposit Densities (ESDD), acoustic signals were collected separately. Then, the contaminant insulators’ acoustic signals of flashover were analyzed by wavelet packet. The characteristics of the signals were obtained, and they can be judged for contaminant flashover warning.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology