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Concepts and Methods of Mathematic Modelling of Plant Growth and Development. Plant Germination -Part I


Contemporary agricultural engineering searches for “safe” methods of raising crop yields, using a combination of knowledge from a number of sciences. Thus, computer modelling of plant growth and development fits this range, because it has become an area of interdisciplinary research. Presentation of knowledge in the form of mathematical computer models is one of paradigms of agricultural production systems based on the scientific and practical knowledge and information. In the scientific activity concerning agricultural engineering research tasks related to mathematical modelling of agrobiological processes have been carried out for many years. Additionally, the use of modern forecasting techniques in agriculture may bring real financial advantages with regard to the fact that based on crop yield prediction estimation of their cultivation profitability is possible. Dynamic and continuous progress of computer and informative technologies creates new opportunities showing thus growth directions of agricultural engineering. Taking this into consideration, it should be emphasised that mathematical modelling constitutes a support for decision processes which take place in agricultural production. This article discusses mathematical models, where the analysed system is described with the use of mathematical formulas. The objective of the paper was to present the current state of knowledge on mathematical methods in describing and predicting seeds germination. Possibilities of their use and new challenges which occur in the description of seeds germination were presented.