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Animals in the Anthropocene Epoch. On the Importance of Visual Materials in the Pro-Animal Movement

   | 06 jun 2022


The article aims to discuss the importance of visual materials in the pro-animal movement in terms of their use in various areas of pro-animal activity, i.e. promotion of a plant-based diet or investigative activities. The starting point of the considerations is an outline of the issues related to Anthropocene and anthropocentrism (in the context of the current status of animals), and the characteristics of pro-animal activities, undertaken mainly by the third sector. Based on the analysis, it has been shown that visual messages perform an important role in shaping convincing messages, and therefore constitute an invaluable communication tool in the pro-animal movement. They have both a documentary and informative as well as a persuasive character, which is also illustrated by selected examples. In addition, the article emphasizes the role of the media in cooperation with the pro-animal movement, which is an important element of its communication strategy.