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Education in the Field of Marketing Communication. Divergent Expectations of System Participants -Experiences of 4 Countries


The marketing communication sector is experiencing a particularly intensive development, mainly due to the ongoing dynamic changes in the area of media, which are the driving force of communication changes. Numerous market studies prove that in the conditions of such rapid transformation processes, it is particularly important to provide students with current and desired by employers’ professional competences. The presented article verifies the system of shaping the so-called competences of the future in the sphere of marketing communication by analysing the practical form of education of Polish universities and the expectations of students from four European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Slovakia. Conclusions regarding the lack of correlation of expectations within the triad: employers - academia - students were supplemented with the presentation of partial results of research carried out under the project “Media and Communication in Education and Science” (project financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange under the program “International Partnerships”).