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“I believe in video!” An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Video as an Educational Resource


Elevkanalen is a web-based digital educational resource containing videos, animations, pictures, learning paths, texts, quizzes, and many features that meet the Norwegian authorities’ requirements for adapted and inclusive learning issued by The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (UDIR). The interest of this paper is to examine how the editors of Elevkanalen comprehend video as an educational resource and accordingly contribute to a discussion of professional assessment and didactical utilisation of video in teaching and learning. The protagonists of video-based learning are generally not reluctant to advocate the benefits of using video in education. Nevertheless, in order to be beneficial, it is reasonable to suppose that a deliberate and professional didactical utilisation is required. Video-based learning is at the centre of this study, and the ICAP theory is applied to critically assess video as a learning resource. Moreover, this is discussed in relation to perspectives on education for sustainable development

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