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Study on inefficient land use determination method for cities and towns from a city examination perspective


With the rapid advancement of urbanisation process, the total development of urban construction land is restricted, and the inefficient, extensive and sprawling traditional urbanisation mode is hard to sustain, bringing current incremental planning-based city development mode to gradually convert to stock planning. Under the background of stock planning, the inefficient urban land becomes the first choice for potential excavation and land vitalisation. Besides, under the background of new urbanisation construction, judging inefficient urban land and comprehensively boosting the redevelopment of those lands is the optimal path to promote land saving and intensive use. This paper starts from city examination, extracts the indexes from city examination for judging inefficient urban land use, and analyses urban construction land by land block. Then, the YAAHP software is used to determine the weights of indexes, and actual case is taken into the weights of various factors for analysis, so as to obtain the land use efficiency score of each land block and the entire city. The land block getting a low score will be renovated and transformed, which is an approach for improving land use efficiency and land intensiveness with the lowest cost; in the process of establishing an inefficient urban land use index system, the indexes of city examination are also supplemented and perfected, providing an optimal solution for future identification and determination of inefficient urban land use.

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