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Analysis of cognitive operation in understanding text of the fourth-grade pupils

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Journal of Linguistics/Jazykovedný casopis
Číslo venované problematike maďarského jazyka a maďarských nárečí na Slovensku


This study aims to analyse the informative-type text, questions, and answers of the fourth-grade reading comprehension test according to cognitive processes. A total of 353 respondents participated in the survey. The examined target group was the fourth-grade pupils of Hungarian-language primary schools in bilingual regions in Eastern, Central, and Western Slovakia. The results obtained show that most of the pupils had sufficient background knowledge to interpret the short and simple text, and the new information was well integrated into their existing schema structure. In terms of processes of comprehension, most pupils had no problem with recognizing and retrieving explicitly stated information in the text, neither with making straightforward inferences. However, there were problems in interpreting and integrating information and summarizing them. The results show that half of the pupils had problems with multi-level interpretation of the information obtained and about one-fifth of the pupils gave incorrect answers even to the questions that required the use of the simplest cognitive processes.

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