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The paradigm of Hungarian -ik verbs and their current position in the verb system and the language use

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Journal of Linguistics/Jazykovedný casopis
Číslo venované problematike maďarského jazyka a maďarských nárečí na Slovensku


The article deals with the typology of the paradigms of Hungarian verb and describes the phenomenon of the originally medial-reflexive -ik verbs of Hungarian. The article presents the problems caused by the use of the paradigm revived by the Hungarian language renewal in the 19th century and compares the use of the -ik verbs by bilingual Hungarian students in Slovakia with their contemporaries in Hungary. The result of the study shows that Hungarian high school students in Slovakia are more likely to search for standard variants compared to their Hungarian peers if they feel that using a non-standard solution could lead to a negative value judgment.

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