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Use of Interactive Whiteboard in Teaching Mathematics for Sustainability and its Effect on the Role of Teacher


As interactive whiteboards have been used recently in secondary schools for sustainability, this study on use of interactive whiteboards is considered to be very important in terms of knowing the effects of interactive whiteboards on mathematics lessons, determining the perspectives of teachers as users of the system and increasing the efficiency of the attempts related to the use of interactive whiteboards. In this respect, the purpose of the study was to investigate the use of interactive whiteboard in teaching mathematics for sustainability and to examine its effects on the role of teachers. The qualitative research approach was adopted in the study as it tried to conduct a deep analysis of a situation. The study was conducted with eight secondary school mathematics teachers working in the province of Adiyaman in Turkey. The research data were collected using a semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers. Each interview lasted in a period of time ranging from 8 to 14 minutes. The data collected in the study were analyzed using descriptive analysis with a qualitative approach. In the study, the data were interpreted considering the following themes: “The changes created by interactive whiteboards in the process of teaching mathematics”, “The facilities provided by the system for mathematics teachers”, “The effects of using interactive whiteboards in teaching mathematics on the role of teachers”, “The preparations for using interactive whiteboards in teaching mathematics” and “Use of computer software with interactive whiteboards in teaching mathematics”. The results obtained in the study revealed that the teachers were not sufficiently informed or directed regarding the use of whiteboards in teaching mathematics or provided with in-service training support which they needed in relation to the use of interactive whiteboards especially in teaching mathematics. Current role of teachers existing in accordance with the constructivist educational approach has not changed with the use of interactive whiteboards in teaching mathematics, but this role has only become stronger. Furthermore, it was found that interactive whiteboards in mathematics classes are generally used for mathematical exercises.

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