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Mobile Wheeled Robot to Support the Task of the Alarm Sub - Unit


The article is a presentation, and detailed description of a mobile, vehicular robot whose task is to support the alarm sub-unit. The project was created in response to the increasing need for monitoring, and recognition of the areas. The robot’s interface was created with the use of integrated development environments for Python. The software implementation was possible due to a minicomputer Raspberry Pi 4 B. The robot’s frame is made out of components which are based on the main chassis. The robot is equipped with compatible sensors and cameras. Those, combined with the interface, are able to give a real-time preview of the area in which the robot is in.

This particular vehicular robot is designed to eliminate the risks caused by tasks of alarm sub-unit, by giving the real-time preview, and analysis of the currently watched area. In addition, it can be used to inspect soldiers in the containment zones, and to help with the identification of unknown objects.