The article deals with the subject of the planned real estate changes in Poland as viewed in relation to the solutions accepted in Latvia. The current basis for real estate tax is a set fee per 1m² of the estate’s area established in a town council resolution, taking into account the maximum fees established by the Minister of Finances. Currently, the owners of real estates with identical area often pay the same tax regardless of the location, condition and function of the real estate formulated in the plan. The cadastral tax currently in preparation addresses these and other features which influence the value of real estate. A set cadastral value approximate to the market value will serve as the basis for determining the cadastral tax. The principles of real estate tax retrieval in Poland are not clearly established which is why it might prove useful to use the experience of other countries undergoing similar governmental changes. The article makes references to tax solutions recognized in Latvia in the domain of tax fees, valuation principles and problems accompanying real estate tax retrieval.

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