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A Virtual Measurement Method of the Transmission Error Based on Point Clouds of the Gear


As the most widely used gear measuring instrument, the gear measuring center can measure the individual deviations of a gear tooth flank other than the comprehensive deviations of the gear. However, gear transmission error is an important transmission performance indicator in the gear meshing process. It is an important trend of gear measuring to obtain the transmission error from individual deviations. In this study, a calculation method of gear transmission error is proposed based on the point clouds of the gear obtained by optical sensors. According to the gear meshing principle, a method is introduced to determine the contact status between the tooth flanks formed by the point clouds. According to this introduced method, the single tooth pair meshing process and the meshing process of multiple tooth pairs are analyzed to determine the gear transmission error curve. The comparison results of tooth contact analysis and gear measurement experiments verify the proposed virtual measurement method.

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