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Jacek Ciesielski
Jacek Ciesielskii


Krystian Stefański
Krystian Stefańskii
Sales Manager, Sciendo
Otakar Petr
Otakar Petri
Sales Manager Central and Eastern Europe, CIS
Waseem Al-Shehabi
Waseem Al-Shehabii
Sales Manager German and French speaking countries, Middle East
Alexandru Barbu
Alexandru Barbui
Sales Manager Southern Europe and Balkans
Natalia Rola Ferencova
Natalia Rola Ferencovai
Sales Manager, Northern Europe and Conference Service
Jan Błażewicz
Jan Błażewiczi
Sales & Product Manager Book Publishing Services

Sales Consultants/Partners

Dawid Cecuła
Dawid Cecułai
Sales Consultant
International Publishers Representatives (I.P.R.)
International Publishers Representatives (I.P.R.)i
Sales Partner for Middle East
Taufiq Ridlwan Bachamis
Taufiq Ridlwan Bachamisi
Sales Partner for Indonesia

Customer Service

Katarzyna Nowacka
Katarzyna Nowackai
Customer Service Manager: Poland, German, French and Chinese speaking countries, Indonesia, Middle East
Klaudia Nowicka
Klaudia Nowickai
Customer Service Specialist: Southern Europe and Balkans, conference proceedings, books: self-publishing and full publishing services
Ivana Láslofi
Ivana Láslofii
Customer Service Specialist: Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Northern Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Americas and Australasia and authors enquiries


Magdalena Cal
Magdalena Cali
Marketing Manager
Agnieszka Łepecka
Agnieszka Łepeckai
Digital Marketing Specialist
Iga Serafin
Iga Serafini
Abstracting & Indexing Supervisor
Katarzyna Wąsik
Katarzyna Wąsiki
Abstracting & Indexing Specialist
Gabriela Sasak
Gabriela Sasaki
Abstracting & Indexing Specialist
Katarzyna Dyl
Katarzyna Dyli
Data Collection Coordinator
Martyna Jelonek
Martyna Jeloneki
Data Collection Specialist
Daniel Odyniec
Daniel Odynieci
Data Collection Specialist
Marta Bahdzevich
Marta Bahdzevichi
Data Collection Specialist


Tomasz Konior
Tomasz Koniori
Production Director
Sabina Suchy
Sabina Suchyi
Production Editor - Publishing services
Ewa Żurawska-Seta
Ewa Żurawska-Setai
Production Editor - Editorial services
Jakub Czubik
Jakub Czubiki
Production Executive – Publishing services
Paweł Wróblewski
Paweł Wróblewskii
Production Executive - Editorial services
Elwira Fiedorowicz
Elwira Fiedorowiczi
Production Executive – Editorial services


Agata Kujawa
Agata Kujawai
Administration Manager
Daria Kremen
Daria Kremeni
Administrative Assistant