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Calibration of NMR Receiver using Spectrometer Characteristics


This article describes the measurement of the relation between input and output signals using two techniques: with a signal generator and with the thermal noise of a known resistance. Each of the techniques has its advantages and disadvantages. Both methods are tested and the results are compared. The input signal of the receiver is known in volts, while the output signal is in ADC (analogue-to-digital converter) units. It is the main difference versus the gain. Knowledge of the relation enables recalculation of the output signal into the input of the receiver or vice versa. It is important in some experiments. The method with the harmonic signal requires a suitable NMR spectroscopic console, generator of the harmonic signal and an attenuator, the method with the noise requires only the NMR console. It indicates that both methods are simple and cheap. The measured data are processed on a standard PC using common programs.

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