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3D Measurement of Discontinuous Objects with Optimized Dual-frequency Grating Profilometry


Three-dimensional profilometry tends to be less effective at measuring discontinuous surfaces. To overcome this problem, an optimized profilometry based on fringe projection is proposed in this paper. Due to the limitation of the shooting angle, there are projection blind spots on the surface of discontinuous objects. Since the noises and unwrapping errors are always localized at the projection blind spots, an algorithm is designed to determine the blind spots automatically with the light intensity difference information. Besides, in order to improve the measurement accuracy, a processing scheme is introduced to deal with the local height distortion introduced by the dual-frequency grating profilometry. Lots of measurement tests on various surfaces are carried out to assess the optimized profilometry, and experimental results indicate that the modified profilometry system works more robust with high reliability and accuracy in measuring different kinds of surfaces, especially discontinuous ones.

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