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Experimental assessment of packaging paper properties effect in combination with storage conditions on the adhesion performance of automotive glass


The aim of this work was an experimental comparison of different types of packaging paper, determining the effect of packaging material properties in combination with storage conditions on the purity of glass surface and the related quality of adhesion of bonded materials. In the automotive industry, the quality of adhesion is a key factor, as automotive glass must meet the safety requirements. During the experiments, the glass sheets were wrapped in four types of paper and stored according to the conditions that are common in a real production. The research was focused on the influence of different composition of packaging papers on the resulting adhesive properties of glass sheets. According to the results obtained in this work, it can be stated that during the storage there is an interaction between paper and glass. According to XRF analyzes, ongoing corrosion of the glass can be inferred. The resulting adhesion was assessed based on a peel test, which took place under defined conditions given by standard customer specifications. It has been observed that the negative effect of unsuitable paper increases over time. For optimal adhesion it is necessary to emphasize the packaging materials and the storage conditions of the glass. The results and knowledge achieved in this work can significantly improve the quality of production in which a material is glued to the glass surface.

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