The surface treatment of historical iron artefacts involves application of right conservation coating to the material to prevent further corrosion deterioration. Among common conservation agent of iron belong tannate coating, which is considerably preferred with the desired black appearance of the surface. In this work the new potentional conservation agent Metal Antik was studied. The change of this possible surface treatment was evaluated over time. The comparison between long-term exposed samples (15 years), short-term exposed samples (1.5 year) and fresh cured samples was done by spectrocolorimetry measurement. This was also compared to standard samples prepared with tannate coating. Surface analysis for all types of samples was done by μ-Raman spectroscopy. Results proved that effect of time changes the surface of coatings. It was demonstrated by colour change of surface and by formation of areas with local corrosion. Another study of Metal Antik in order to improve corrosion resistance is open.

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