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How different types of linguistic corpora shed light (or not) on various categories of substandard lexicon: contrastive analysis of vocabulary in the comedy “Les Kaïra” [Porn in the hood], a typical example of the hood film genre

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Journal of Linguistics/Jazykovedný casopis
Building Web corpora as sources for linguistic research and its applications


The arrival of WaC corpora, including Aranea family corpora, with its “close-to-spoken language” writings from different non-formal web pages brought the new options to researchers of sociolects, mainly to those who were previously obliged to observe youth collectives in its spontaneous discourses with its consequent time-consuming transcripts. Non-spontaneous spoken language from rap songs or youth film dialogues also help researchers to describe the level of societal diffusion of some typical features of youth slang. In this paper, we focus on demonstration of these crossed approaches in order to describe three types of verbs, used in a successful comedy about Parisian peri-urban post-adolescents Les Kaïra (2012), representing different types of substandard lexicon.

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