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Future tourism development based on the knowledge of preferential choice of HSR


The paper contributes to the extensive knowledge on the impacts of high-speed transport systems on transport-related human behaviour. The paper presents the case of the Czech Republic – a small transit country in Central Europe where the government plans to build high-speed transport systems to improve transport connectivity within Europe. This step will certainly be met with a response. So, the aim of the paper is to find out how high-speed rail (HSR) influences tourism development in the Czech Republic. Therefore, the paper focuses on behaviour of travellers and analyses its intention to switch from a certain mode of transport to HSR. In order to predict future tourism development, determinants of transport mode choice are analysed and tested to learn more about travellers’ preferences and their potential change in their behaviour. The findings reveal that HSR would stimulate international tourism and for certain circumstances it would help to recover MICE tourism.

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