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30 May 2014
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Measuring the Influence of Communication Planning Towards Construction Project Performance

Published Online: 22 Jun 2021
Page range: 58 - 65
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First Published
30 May 2014
Publication timeframe
2 times per year

Effective communication is necessary for the success of construction project performance. Due to its nature, effective communication is required to coordinate all parties involved in construction projects such as owners, project managers, engineers, subcontractors, etc. Few previous studies have addressed the issues of construction project communication, particularly in the communication planning stage. This paper aimed to investigate how far the communication planning has been effectively implemented in several construction projects in Jakarta and measure how big the influence to project performance. It adopts a quantitative method by distributing questionnaire surveys to contractors and consultants in Jakarta. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the data which presents that communication planning has been implemented by 78.02 % of the responses and significantly impact the project performances. This paper offers useful implications for practitioners on how construction project teams (from contractors and consultants) should carefully manage the communication process particularly during its planning stage.


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