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High production of L-glutamic acid from date juice extracts by Corynebacterium glutamicum using fed-batch cultures: pulsed and continuous feeding modes


In the present work, L-glutamic acid production by Corynebacterium glutamicum fermentation on date juice extracts applying two fed-batch feeding modes, pulsed and continuous, were investigated. According to the obtained results, the continuous feeding fed-batch mode was found to be the most efficient process. Moreover the continuous feeding rate mode with a feeding medium containing date juice sugars enriched with ammonium sulfate was found even more favorable as it enhances the L-glutamic acid production by approximately 2.35 fold more than the batch culture and by about 1.17 fold more than the pulsed feeding. In this respect, comparing the traditional batch culture to the continuously fed culture with a medium containing date juice sugars with ammonium sulfate showed increases of 135.47% in L-glutamic acid production, 104% in productivity, 39.09% in biomass, and 47.69% in the yield respectively allowing us to reach a final L-glutamic acid concentration of about 138 g/L, the highest ever published.

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