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25 Nov 2011
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Replacement of fish meal with defatted and fermented soybean meals in pompano Trachinotus blochii (Lacepède, 1801) diets

Published Online: 08 May 2021
Volume & Issue: Volume 21 (2021) - Issue 2 (April 2021)
Page range: 575 - 587
Received: 17 May 2020
Accepted: 29 Jul 2020
Journal Details
First Published
25 Nov 2011
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

This study was conducted to examine the effects of the replacement of fish meal with defatted and fermented soybean meals on the growth performance, apparent nutrient digestibility, bile acid levels, and digestive enzyme activity of pompano Trachinotus blochii (Lacepède, 1801). Four diets were formulated to replace 40% of fish meal with defatted soybean meal (SBM), SBM fermented by Bacillus subtilis TH2 (FSBM1) or SBM fermented by B. subtilis B3 (FSBM2). The diets are denoted as follows: FMD (fish meal-based diet, used as a Control), SBMD (fish meal replaced by SBM diet), FSBM1D (fish meal replaced by FSBM1 diet), and FSBM2D (fish meal replaced by FSBM2 diet). Thirty fingerling pompanos with an initial body weight of 15.3 ± 0.3 g were allocated to each of eight indoor polyvinyl chloride tanks (500 L capacity), with two replicate tanks per dietary treatment. For 8 weeks, fish were hand-fed the experimental diets to apparent satiation twice daily. The final body weight, weight gain, specific growth rate, and feed conversion ratio of fish fed SBMD and FSBM1D were significantly inferior to those in fish fed FMD (P<0.05). These parameters were not significantly different between the FSBM2D and FMD experimental groups (P>0.05). Fish fed SBMD showed significantly lower plasma total cholesterol, whole body lipids, intestinal total bile acids and lipase activity than those fed FMD, whereas no significant differences were observed among fish fed FSBM1D, FSBM2D, and FMD. Trypsin activity and protein apparent digestibility coefficient were not significantly affected by the experimental diets. However, lipid apparent digestibility coefficient was significantly lower in fish fed SBMD and FSBM1D rather than FMD. There was no significant difference in lipid apparent digestibility coefficient between the FMD and FSBM2D experimental groups. The results indicated that SBM decreased bile acid levels, lipase activity, lipid digestibility, and growth performance in pompano fish. These parameters were increased by the inclusion of B. subtilis B3 fermented SBM in the diet, thus suggesting that fermentation of SBM with B. subtilis B3 may be an effective way to improve bile acid levels, lipase activity, lipid digestibility, and growth performance of pompano fed an SBM-based diet.


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