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Support design of main retracement passage in fully mechanised coal mining face based on numerical simulation


For the comprehensive mechanised coal mining technology, the support design of the main withdrawal passage in the working face is an important link to achieve high yield and efficiency. Due to the impact of mining, the roof movement of the withdrawal passage is obvious, the displacement of the coal body will increase significantly, and it is easy to cause roof caving and serious lamination problems, and even lead to collapse accidents, which will affect the normal production of the mine. In this paper, the mining pressure development law of the main withdrawal passage support under the influence of dynamic pressure is designed, the most favourable roof failure form of the withdrawal passage is determined, and the action mechanism and applicable conditions of different mining pressure control measures are studied. The pressure appearance and stress distribution in the final mining stage of fully mechanised coal face are studied by numerical simulation. The deformation and failure characteristics and control measures of roof overburden in the last mining stage of fully mechanised coal face are analysed theoretically. Due to the fact that periodic pressure should be avoided as far as possible after the full-mechanised mining face is connected with the retracement passage, some auxiliary measures such as mining height control and forced roof blasting are put forward on this basis. The relative parameters of the main supporting forms are calculated. The main retracement of a fully mechanised working face in a coal mine channel is put forward to spread the surrounding rock grouting reinforcement, reinforcing roof, and help support and improve the bolt anchoring force, the main design retracement retracement channels in the channel near the return air along the trough for supporting reinforcing surrounding rock control optimisation measures, such as through the numerical simulation analysis, the optimisation measures for coal mine fully mechanised working face of surrounding rock is feasible. Numerical simulation results also show that the surrounding rock control of fully mechanised working face of coal mine design improvements, its main retreat channel under the roof subsidence, cribbing shrank significantly lower, and closer, to better control the deformation of surrounding rock, achieved significant effect, to ensure the safety of coal mine main retracement channel of fully mechanised working face support.

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