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Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Education Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities in the Context of Information Technology Empowerment

   | Apr 01, 2024


In the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education, integrating digital advancements presents challenges and opportunities for ideological and political education. This research delves into the intersection of information technology and educational methodology, proposing a novel approach to teaching civics and politics. We accurately identify student behavioral patterns by applying a sophisticated clustering analysis through density optimization K-means, NN-Stacking, and Stacking fusion techniques, thereby tailoring educational content more effectively. Implementing this data-driven teaching model significantly boosts student outcomes in civics education, evidenced by an average score increase of 13.306 points. Furthermore, statistical Analysis (P = 0.0433 < 0.05) validates the enhanced impact of this method compared to traditional pedagogies. This study underscores the transformative power of information technology in enriching ideological and political education, paving the way for innovative teaching strategies.

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Life Sciences, other, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, General Mathematics, Physics