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Research on Long-term Mechanism of School-Enterprise Cooperation for Civic and Political Education Professional Talent Cultivation in Colleges and Universities under Big Data Technology

   | Apr 01, 2024


In the era of big data, establishing a sustainable school-enterprise collaboration framework for cultivating Civic and Political Education talents in higher education is crucial. This study employs the DEMATEL model and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to dissect this collaboration’s dynamics. Through DEMATEL, we unravel the complex interrelations among these factors, constructing a direct influence matrix and quantifying the centrality and causality indices. SEM further elucidates the causal interplays, underscoring the profound impact of university infrastructure, corporate culture, and governmental roles on the collaboration’s efficacy. Notably, the engagement of enterprise entities, academic institutions, and equitable benefit mechanisms emerge as pivotal, with path regression coefficients of 0.961, 0.943, and 0.925, respectively. The study highlights the indispensability of balanced benefit distribution, resource sharing, and strategic improvements in organizational management, pedagogical innovation, dual-expertise faculty development, and fostering industry-academia-research synergies. Offering theoretical insights and actionable strategies, this research advances the optimization of school-enterprise partnerships, ensuring the adept nurturing of Civic and Political Education professionals.

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