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Artificial Intelligence Driving Innovation in Higher Education Management and Student Training Mechanisms

   | Apr 01, 2024


The development of artificial intelligence technology has brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities for higher education management and student training mechanisms. The traditional education management mode and student training strategy appear to be incompetent in the face of new technology and urgently need innovation and reform. In the face of the latest trend of education informatization, higher education institutions must explore management and cultivation means that keep pace with the times, and take artificial intelligence as the driving force to create a new system of intelligent education to meet the diversified needs of education in the digital era. This paper analyzes the design and functions of the smart education platform, as well as its practical application effect in education management and student training. By introducing the intelligent education platform with artificial intelligence, the utilization efficiency of teaching resources was improved by 20%, and student satisfaction increased by 30%. Based on data analysis, this paper thoroughly discusses the effectiveness of the intelligent education platform in improving the quality of education and optimizing the allocation of educational resources. The modernization of higher education management and comprehensive improvement of students’ abilities can be effectively promoted by incorporating artificial intelligence technology in this study, which provides new ideas for building future education.

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