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Economic Analysis for Technical and Executive Projects with Geosynthetic Materials for the Protection of Linear Structures in the Mining Areas


This paper discusses the design, execution and economic aspect of building investments such as roads located in mining impact areas. The main identified variables include material items, road investment structure safety and economic analysis of the proposed solutions. Details of design guidelines, including geo-synthetic materials, are presented which meet the initial assumptions for a road structure, such as relevant interaction with adverse mining impact of the subsoil. The presented structure protection and reinforcement solutions are analysed for mining areas of Categories II, III and IV. The expected knowledge of the road structure use and the forecasted mining impact based on material guidelines concerning technical use of each group of geo-synthetics provides a computational model of the whole investment cost, discussed in the paper. The nature of the issue is interdisciplinary, and includes the aspects of geo-synthetic materials technology, road structure design, geotechnical analysis, stochastic processes, econometrics and reliable source data to forecast the operating impact of mines on the analysed urbanised transport areas.