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Thermal-hydraulic analysis of LTS cables for the DEMO TF coil using simplified models


The conceptual design activities for the DEMOnstration reactor (DEMO) – the prototype fusion power plant – are conducted in Europe by the EUROfusion Consortium. In 2015, three design concepts of the DEMO toroidal field (TF) coil were proposed by Swiss Plasma Center (EPFL-SPC, PSI Villigen), Italian National Agency for New Technologies (ENEA Frascati), and Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA Cadarache). The proposed conductor designs were subjected to complete mechanical, electromagnetic, and thermal-hydraulic analyses. The present study is focused on the thermal-hydraulic analysis of the candidate conductor designs using simplified models. It includes (a) hydraulic analysis, (b) heat removal analysis, and (c) assessment of the maximum temperature and the maximum pressure in each conductor during quench. The performed analysis, aimed at verification whether the proposed design concepts fulfil the established acceptance criteria, provides the information for further improvements of the coil and conductors design.

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